Are you queer-smart?

Do you want to develop your understanding, language and skills to better support LGBTQ folk in your work or personal life?

Queer Competency Trainings—previously only available to groups or organizations—are now available for individuals! Click here for more information and to register for a space in an upcoming workshop!

Give a Damn? Give a Day!

$504.72 That is how much it costs to operate QMUNITY for one day, to pay staff, to keep the lights and heat on and to keep the doors open so that we can provide vital service to our community. When you Give a Damn and Give a Day YOU are responsible for making QMUNITY happen on that day. PLEASE go to our donation page now and Give a Damn by donating $504.72 (either a one time payment or break it up into monthly installments). You can select a date on the calendar that is important to you (your birthday, your anniversary, your partner's birthday, your coming out day, etc.) and on that date QMUNITY will be brought to you by YOU!

Volunteer Opportunity for Friendly Visitor Program

QMUNITYGenerations' Friendly Visitor Program matches LGTBQ volunteers with LGTBQ seniors for visits in senior’s homes or in long term care facilities. Volunteers also accompany seniors to medical appointments and QMUNITY programs.

If you are interested in becoming one of our fantastic project volunteers please click here for more information,