Welcome to QMUNITY

QMUNITY is BC’s queer resource centre – the hub for the lesbian, gay, trans*, bi and queer community program, training and advocacy. We envision  a world where all queer people are included and free from discrimination.

Our team of skilled professionals deliver many vital social services and programs including: Gab Youth (for queer, questioning and ally youth 25 years of age and under), Generations (for the aging and elder members of our community), Education/Outreach, Volunteer Services, Anti-Violence resources, Coming Out and Social Support Groups, Free Counselling, Meeting Spaces and our ‘Out on the Shelves’ Library.

QMUNITY has a significant online presence that provides access to information about our Educational Services, Social Events, Outreach and Support Programs for queer individuals, their families and friends. We hope you find the information and the resources you are looking for on this website. We look forward to your feedback and involvement in QMUNITY whether you are looking to give or receive support, services, connection, friendship, socialize and/or be an ally.