QMUNITY values, celebrates and transforms the lives of queer people. And sometimes we receive praise for this work. Below are a few such notes of praise. Keep those cards and letters coming, we love to hear from you.


Hi QMUNITY Staff and Volunteers!

Thank you so much for such a great party (Winter Holiday Celebration). It was our first time attending with our 3.5 yr old twins and it was our best xmas party all year! We, and they, loved the energy of the people, the over the top MC, the food, the face painting and crafts, the singing – I’d never heard my little girl belting out jingle bells before and she did it all night after that. The in-destructible snowman (hopefully my two will try it out next year). The cards at the door… gee, it was well thought out and planned. Kudos to all of you. Thanks for keeping it relaxed for us newbies.

Big thanks,



Hi Dara,

I just listened to you speak today at SAP’s quarterly site meeting.  I have been at SAP for over 15 years and that was the best site meeting we’ve ever had.

Wow – that was a really great presentation.  I think it went over really well, and gave audience members something to think about.  No one really thinks that their choice of language has a negative impact on their colleagues, but your presentation really reinforced the message of inclusiveness.

I have a big soft spot for QMUNITY.  In 1995 as a 17 year old kid I was really struggling with my sexual identity, so I called the help line.   I spoke to a volunteer who made a world of difference.  I join the gay youth group, got support, made friends, and the rest is history.  And with the help of QMUNITY, It really did get better.  So many people out there need the services that QMUNITY provides, so I am very grateful that your organization exist to serve our community.

I am also part of the Vancouver Tennis Association and we’re holding a tournament this Pride Weekend.  I am so glad that QMUNITY is our charity recipient this year, so any funds raised through our raffles will go to your organization.

Thanks for helping to bridge the gap between the queer community and the straight community!

Khai Ong

Education Account Manager
SAP Americas, Inc

Hello Jennifer!

OMG!  I just took a walk through QMUNITY!  The adventure of opening up the website to QMUNITY prompted a WOW-factor response. Extraordinary congratulations on this amazing transition. I am totally blown away.  I know that this would have not been possible without a vision for growth as an essential community service provider.  Kudos for your hard work and the diligent support of everyone on board with QMUNITY—the Board of Directors, the stakeholders, the community, the staff, the patrons—and the volunteers!  Congratulations, QMUNITY!

I’m so proud to have been a volunteer with you (I’m still experiencing volunteer withdrawal!). Without question and beyond description, this volunteer work has enhanced my life journey!  Again, thank you for this incredible opportunity!  I look forward to dropping by the next time I’m in the neighborhood!

Please send my very best to everyone!

Dwayne Bryk, Toronto ON

Volunteer (2001-2008)


Testimonial – Qmunity

I never expected an answer. When I wrote from New York City to the e-mail address for the executive director at what was then called Vancouver’s Gay and Lesbian Centre, I didn’t really think I would get a response, but it seemed a likely place to start. My partner and I were planning, along with another couple, to marry in Vancouver, and we hoped to get a recommendation for a marriage commissioner who would be accepting, and positive. I was surprised, impressed, and grateful when Jennifer Breakspear wrote back the very same day! Jennifer assured me that every marriage commissioner was expected to respect and perform same sex marriages, and she also provided the contact information for a commissioner who had helped with an impromptu ceremony at the Centre and with whom we subsequently enjoyed a terrific experience.

It wasn’t to be my last contact with the Centre. As the time for the marriage trip approached, my partner and I made a small gift to the Centre in honor of the friends with whom we were traveling to Canada. I had a beautiful personal message from Jennifer within an hour of making the small donation. She gave us a few great suggestions about sites to visit and things to do in Vancouver, and invited us to stop by the Centre on our trip, which we are certainly glad we did. Mid-day, mid-week, and the place was buzzing with activity and talk and hard work and good cheer. We were, again, incredibly impressed with the organization’s professionalism and vibrancy.

Vancouver is indeed lucky to have such a fantastic resource lead by truly dedicated, talented, and creative staff and leadership.

Sima Rabinowitz

Bronx, NY