Corporate sponsorship is fundamental to the success of our programs and services. QMUNITY is able to fulfill its mission due in part to our relationships with our corporate sponsors. We encourage our members to patronise our sponsors and regularly thank them for their support of QMUNITY and BC LGTB communities. As the only provincial queer social service organisation QMUNITY engages directly with a widespread client base and connects with individuals and communities all over the province.

At QMUNITY, we believe that sponsorship branding can go beyond merely a speech at an annual fundraiser and instead provide ongoing and constant opportunities that directly engage your target audience. We recognise traditional business objectives to increase profits and work with our sponsors to develop creative opportunities that result in positive returns on investment. We also applaud newer business models that strive to build relationships through partnerships and collaborations. At QMUNITY our sponsors’ objectives are closely aligned with our mission and vision. With this alignment the sponsorship relationship is one of strength and benefit to all parties.

We have developed a 2012 Sponsorship Package which lists various sponsorship opportunities currently available. In addition to these planned events we would love to discuss new and creative means to develop a relationship between your business and QMUNITY. Please read the Sponsorship Package and contact our Executive Director, Jennifer Breakspear, via email (jennifer.breakspear@qmunity.ca) or phone (604-684-5307 ext. 103) if you have any questions.