Q Circle Donors

Throughout the years, QMUNITY has prided itself in providing vital services to the queer community of British Columbia. Our goal is to ensure these services are relevant to the community and the times in which we live. We rely on significant government investment to do that.

Currently, 80% of QMUNITY’s total annual funding comes from government sources.

Most government grants are program-specific and do not contribute to the operating and administrative costs of QMUNITY – that means today’s social programming are run on yesterday’s computers and last decade’s furniture.

Our services include:

  • Generations for aging and elders
  • Gab Youth
  • Education/Outreach
  • Coming Out Groups
  • Queer Women on the Drive
  • Chronically Queer
  • ESL
  • Meditation Groups
  • Drop Ins
  • Workshops for Lesbians, Gay Men, Bisexuals and the Trans Community

The anticipation of reductions in government funding means your financial support is more important than ever.

For the cost of a Grande Latte a week, you can give QMUNITY staff the tools they need. Isn’t it time that you claim QMUNITY as your own?

Contribution Level

(CDN per calendar year)

Rainbow Circle

Over $1,000

Soiree reception

Acknowledgement in QMUNITY’s AGM report

Tax receipt

Major Donor

$500 – $999

Acknowledgement in QMUNITY’s AGM report

Tax receipt


$100 – $499

Acknowledgement in QMUNITY’s AGM report

Tax receipt


Under $100

Tax receipt

If you’d like to get behind your QMUNITY contact our Board of Directors Chair, Danielle Jarvis and she will send you the information you need to make a difference.