Offer a Program

Do you have an idea for a program that would be of interest to QMUNITY clients or want to share your skills as a facilitator? We’re always looking for new and exciting programs to offer.

Our groups generally function as peer support groups and are facilitated by volunteers. Each group has two volunteer facilitators to ensure safety and support for group members. QMUNITY’s support groups are varied in scope and duration.

Applicants interested in being facilitators in peer support groups should:
•    Have a background or education in peer support/group work or a related area
•    Make a commitment to facilitate the group to its completion
•    Be stable in their own lives
•    Understand and maintain professional boundaries
•    Understand issues of confidentiality related to group work
•    Be non-judgmental and supportive
•    Be responsible, consistent, and trustworthy
•    Be willing to work as part of QMUNITY’s volunteer and staff team

If you are interested in volunteering to facilitate a peer support group, download, complete and submit a Volunteer Application Package Information and our Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch with you.

If you have an idea for a group and the skills and experience to make it happen, attach a proposal to your volunteer application form.