Start a Group

Do you have an idea for a group that would benefit the LGBTQ community? QMUNITY’s Peer-Facilitated Groups Program can help you get it started.

Peer-Facilitated Groups generally function as peer support groups and are organized by community volunteers. Each group is asked to maintain QMUNITY’s Code of Respect and participate in some standardized training, guidelines, and communication. Peer-Facilitated Groups are otherwise independent to determine group plans and leadership.

How to Start a Peer-Facilitated Group at QMUNITY:

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  1. Explore current groups offered at QMUNITY – if someone has a similar idea, join forces!
  2. Read the Peer-Facilitated Groups Policy Handbook
  3. Complete and submit the following documents to the Volunteer Coordinator:
  4. Attend a meeting with the Volunteer Coordinator to discuss your group, make any necessary adjustments to your application, and, if approved, book Queer Competency and Facilitator Training for group leaders
  5. Get started with group gatherings!

Applicants interested in starting peer-facilitated groups should:

•    Have a background or interest in the type of group being created
•    Make a commitment to facilitate the group to its completion
•    Be stable in their own lives
•    Understand and maintain professional boundaries
•    Understand issues of confidentiality related to group work
•    Be non-judgmental and supportive
•    Be responsible, consistent, and trustworthy
•    Be willing to uphold QMUNITY’s Code of Respect

Sometimes existing Peer-Facilitated Groups are looking for new group leaders. Check out the Volunteer Opportunities page for postings.

Please feel free to contact the Volunteer Coordinator with any questions!