Volunteer of the Month

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. For every successful service offered, there are many volunteers who work behind the scenes providing their skills, time, and energy, all while connecting with other like-minded individuals. We recognize their commitment and outstanding efforts below. Many thanks to all of you!

January 2015: Tash M.


Tash began volunteering at QMUNITY after they moved to Vancouver, just over a year ago. Originally from Wales, in the UK, Tash has lived all over the world since they graduated, but has now made Vancouver a home. Relocating is always a big step, and connecting with the community is vital to feeling part of a new city. The folk at QMUNITY welcomed them with open arms, and helped them settle in. Tash loves volunteering at QMUNITY because it’s an amazing space full of amazing people, and offers so much to the community. Working on the resource reception, or tables at events is equally fun for Tash, unless it is raining, when they much prefer the cozy reception booth. Being part of the front line of such a great service has been very rewarding and interesting, and Tash plans to continue with their regular shift until they’re pried out of the reception booth while they hold on saying ‘nononono’.

In their free time, Tash is a young adult fiction author, specialising in diverse science-fiction and fantasy. They were lucky enough to get a publishing contract last year, and are now trying to write two books at the same time as working a regular person job as an English Teacher. You can check out their work at www.tashmcadam.com if you’re so inclined. Tash also loves going out dancing, talking about the zombie apocalypse, juggling and martial arts, having achieved two black belts in Karate. 

When not working, volunteering, writing or dancing, you can usually find them nose deep in a book, often in the QMUNITY library. 

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