Current Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with QMUNITY. Use Adobe Reader to check out the postings below.

QMUNITY Program Advisory Committee (QPAC)

QMUNITY is delighted to announce the launch of its QMUNITY Program Advisory Committee (QPAC). We are looking for applicants with community development skills and a commitment to contribute to the success of the organization. The volunteer committee will serve as an advisory group and a sounding board, offering ideas and expertise and providing feedback and recommendations on QMUNITY’s programs and activities.

QMUNITY Programs Advisory Committee (QPAC)

QMUNITY Generations Program

NEW Friendly Visitor Project

Volunteer Opportunity – Friendly Visitor

QMUNITY Special Events

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QMUNITY Education and Outreach Program

Please detail in your application how you fulfill the lived experience requirement.

Group Facilitation Volunteer SRS/GAS Resource

QMUNITY Resource Reception

Available weekly shifts are: Mondays 4-6pm, Thursdays 1-4pm, or Fridays 4-6pm OR be a floater to cover random shifts

Resource Reception Volunteer

QMUNITY Gab Youth Program

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QMUNITY Out on the Shelves Library Program

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Rainbow Refugees

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