Queer Men’s Book Club

A free, fun, Trans-inclusive book club for Gay, Bisexual and Queer men in QMUNITY’s Out On the Shelves Library, 1170 Bute St, 5-6:30pm on the third Sunday of each month. RSVP is requested. To register or for more information contact: mensbookclub@qmunity.ca

The Queer Men’s Book Club  Fall season starts on Tuesday, September 21, 2014 at 5 pm in the Qmunity Library at the Bute Street location.

We are reading and discussing “Angels in America” the 1995 Pulitzer Prize winning play by Tony Kushner.  It is from an earlier era of HIV and AIDS when people were dying horrible deaths and dealing with much more stigma.   It brought a great and dramatic public face to the issue that many will not recognize today. Come out to learn, to join and enjoy the discussion and the camaraderie.

Mark your calendar!

Please note: we regret that the library is not currently wheelchair accessible

This group is a Peer-Facilitated Group run by dedicated community members.