Gab Youth  – Drop Ins

Gab is a cool place where youth can kick back and talk with friends. It’s also a great place to meet people that have similar questions about sexual orientation or gender identity. During drop-in times, there are always cool volunteers and other youth who would love to hear about your life.

Gab drop-ins are casual, so you can choose to stop by at any time. There is not any pressure to show up at the beginning or to stay for the whole thing. There are many different reasons youth show up for Gab drop-ins. Some people come to meet with friends or make new friends. Some people come for support from other youth or the staff and volunteers. There is something for everyone at Gab.

There are two Gab drop-ins that you can come to:

  • Wednesdays 4 – 6 p.m.
  • Fridays 7 – 10 p.m.


What we do at drop-ins:

  • Arts and crafts including button making, collage making and knitting
  • Workshops on unlearning racism, body image/fat-phobia, theatre skills, drugs, safer sex, school issues, and healthy relationships
  • Rune and tarot card readings
  • Queer movie and pizza nights
  • Guest speakers from other queer groups and service providers
  • Screen videos for the Out On Screen Festival
  • Board games and video games like Rock Band and DDR
  • Sharing our stories
  • Creative writing workshops
  • Preparation for events like the Pride Parade and dances
  • Bowling
  • Holiday parties like Halloween
  • Hanging out in coffee shops
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Hanging out at the beach
  • Visits to Granville Island
  • Visits to the Vancouver Art Gallery