Volunteers are vital to the Gab Youth program and can be a very rewarding experience for people interested in working with queer/trans youth.


Gab volunteers duties include:

· Help with the set up and take down of activities

· Greeting youth, especially new youth as they come to the drop-in

· Help new youth feel welcomed

· Help out with the introductory check-in at the drop-ins

· Being available to the youth at the drop-ins for any peer support they may require

· Take the time to connect and engage youth at the drop-ins

· Help to ensure a safe space at the drop-in and being a resource person if any challenges occur

· Help at special events and youth dances

All interested volunteers are subject to a criminal record check

If you are interested in volunteering with Gab please contact QMUNITY’s Volunteer Coordinator at volunteers@qmunity.ca


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