Drugs and Alcohol

There are many reasons why people drink or use drugs. However, there are issues specific to our lives as queer and trans* youth that can further affect our substance use. Facing isolation, alienation, and discrimination within a homophobic/transphobic society is stressful. Consequently, many youth in our communities use alcohol and drugs to escape.

Gab is one of the few social alternatives for queer and trans youth. Rather than going to the bar, rave, or circuit party Gab provides you with a place to go out, relax, and feel part of a community. We are also here to support those who want to try to cut down, quit, or would just like to gain more awareness about their drinking or drug use.

It’s natural to have some concerns about asking for help with substance use and addiction:

  • Will I be respected and understood?
  • Will others be ignorant about sexual orientation or gender identity issues?
  • Will I be judged because of my gender, culture, or abilities on top of being queer or trans*?
  • Will others make stereotypical assumptions about the relationship between being queer or trans* and my substance use?
  • Will I be able to be out or totally open about my life?
  • Will I be outed?


If you have any of these concerns feel free to contact us or Prism Alcohol and Drug Services. Prism runs a number of groups for queer and trans people about addictions. These include:

  • LGBT youth group
  • Trans* alcohol and drug recovery group
  • Mixed LGBT group
  • Early recovery groups for men and women
  • Men’s later recovery group
  • VAMP: Queer Men’s Crystal Meth Treatment Program

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