Gender Designation Process Has Become Easier in BC

January 24, 2022

January 21, 2021 (VANCOUVER, BC) – Two-Spirit, transgender, and non-binary folks in BC no longer require the approval of a physician or psychologist to correct their gender designation on their BC Services Card, BC driver’s license, BCID card, and BC birth certificate.

QMUNITY applauds the Provincial Government of British Columbia on leading the way in reducing barriers to acquiring legal and public acknowledgment of true gender designation.

“We are pleased to see some progress in policy that acknowledges and empowers individuals to have their true gender legally reflected across all identification documents without the undue approval of a medical health care provider,” says Christopher Vollan, Co-Chair for QMUNITY.

Vollan adds “While we acknowledge this as a wonderful step towards accessibility to an easier and safer gender marker change process, we must still acknowledge the barriers that remain. This includes the financial burden of this highly bureaucratic process.”

“A lot of work needs to be done in making these processes accessible to BIPOC queer, transgender, and gender non-confirming folk,” says Anoop Gill, Co-Executive Director at QMUNITY. “This includes access for all folks living in BC, including 2SLGBTQIA+ refugees.”

“Folks living in BC who were born outside Canada face increased barriers and challenges navigating gender marker changes,” she adds. “When speaking of accessibility, it is vital that we enable folks born outside of Canada to have equal access to changing gender markers as those born in Canada.” 

QMUNITY hosts a number of peer-support groups and ID Clinics specific to Two-Spirit, transgender, and non-binary folks seeking legal and community support through their experiences and in navigating these processes.



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